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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Empties #4

I'm back with another empties post, I've been meaning to do this for so long now. Everything on here I used up in January (despite it now being pretty much half way through February)..


Trevor Sorbie beautifully straightened protection conditioner -  My opinion for this is the same as that of the matching shampoo (Featured here) Repurchase? I have but only as it was in one of the Boots Christmas 3 for 2 and I needed a third thing.
Aussie Take The Heat 2 Minute Miracle - I was somewhat impressed with this, at first I only got told to get it when I had my hair extensions put in and as I expected.. it didn't work (no matter how long I left it on for) But as the hair was effectively dead anyway I wasn't expecting 'miracles'. So I left it in the cupboard for when I had them taken out, used it once and I swear I didn't need to condition my hair for a week or so after! This maybe down to my hair being pretty healthy from having the extensions in (You'd be surprised what benefits they have to your natural hair) as since having my recent set out It's been so damn smooth! One other thing, I must be the only one, but I do NOT like the smell of Aussie products! Repurchase? I think I have another bottle already (the ltd Edition colour one) But again only cause It was on a 2 for £.. offer.

Skin care..

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser - It's your average cleanser really, very gentle much so it is one you can use all over your face (including eyes) It doesn't remove eye make up amazingly, but I would use this then a gentle toner to get the rest off and that works okay for me. A down side is that as you may be able to see, the bottle isn't clear so you can't really gauge how much is left, only by weight. Repurchase? AGAIN, I do have another bottle of this stashed away but wouldn't rush out to get it if I ran 
Boots Tea Tree+ Witch hazel Facial Scrub - I don't have enough good things to say about this. The smell, the exfoliation, the lasting power.. all just brilliant! Repurchase? For sure! I already have another bottle on the go.

Bath and body..

Asda Moisture bath soak - You'll come to learn I love my supermarket bubble bath's. I don't feel as bad when I pour in a little too much :p Repurchase? Yes, simple as that.
Imperial Leather Shower Cream in Precious (ltd edition) - Yummy! (The smell of course) Yes sadly this is a Limited edition product, but the only place I've got it from that as far as I know still sell it is the 99p Store. Repurchase? Probably.
fcuk Polished Sugarscrub - This was one of those annoying never ending products that I just so happened to hate using even when I had to! I would much rather just use exfoliating gloves. The scrub it'self wasn't that bad but It left a horrible oilyness on my skin.. just no! Repurchase? Incase you didn't guess, no! I have another tub from a Christmas set but I think I might leave it at my mums as I will never ever use it here.

Misc+ Make up.. 

Soap&Glory Hand Maid - By far my favorite sand hanitizer ever. I always have to have one in my pocket at work or in my bag, and it doesn't smell like Vodka.. yay! Enough said. Repurchase? Yes!!
No7 Intense Volume Mascara - Also my favorite mascara! I've been using this for about a year now (not this exact tube) and I will not differ. As most girls are, I'm very particular about my mascara but this does everything I want; lengthens, gives volume and just makes my lashes look perfect. +It isn't a mission to remove! Repurchase? YES!

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