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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tag: This or That?

Hey everyone :)

As my dad is away on holiday at the mo', I haven't got use of a decent camera and I'm in a blogging mood.. I thought I'd do another tag..

Make Up:
Blush or bronzer - Blush.
Lip gloss or lipstick - Rarely wear either, but probably lipgloss
Eye liner or mascara - Mascara.
Foundation or concealer - Foundation
Pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed
Brushes or sponges - Brushes.

OPI or China glaze - Unfortunately haven't tried either *sad face*
Long or short - Long
Acrylic or natural - Natural, unless my nails are all chipped and yucky.
Brights or darks - Darks are a pain to remove so brights all the way :)
Flower or no flower - No flower

Perfume or body splash - No idea what 'body splash' even is, so perfume haha.
Lotion or body butter - Body butter.
Body wash or soap - Body wash (Soap dries my skin out)
Lush or other bath company - Lush!!

Jeans or sweat pants - Jeans although I am quite partial to the odd day in sweats.
Long sleeve of short - Short.
Dresses or skirts - Dresses.
Stripes or plain - Stripes.
Flip flops or sandals - Sandals.
Scarves or hats - Scarves.
Studs or dangly earrings - Studs.
Necklaces or bracelets - Bracelets.  
Heels or flats - Flats (But I do suffer with shin splints so I like to go more for wedges where I can)
Cowboy boots or riding boots - They seem the same to me, so neither.
Jacket or hoodie - Hoodie, hands down!
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - Never tried either.
Abercombie or Hollister - Never been to or owned Abercrombie so Hollister.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom - Never tried either.

Curly or straight - Curly even though it's more effort and I very rarely do it.
Bun or ponytail - Bun.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins. 
Hair spray or gel - Hair spray.
Long or short - Long (althought mine isn't haha.)
Light or dark - Light, blondie through and through!
Side sweep bangs or full bangs - Side swept.
Up or down - Down while it's short.

Rain or shine - Shine.
Summer or winter - Winter. Can always fake a tan, and more excuses for cuddles! :)
Fall or spring - Spring. 
Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla.
East coast or west coast - Of? Europe?

I tag anyone who reads this..
Vicki :) x

Monday, 28 May 2012

About me tag.

I've seen a couple of people do this tag as a blog post, instead of a YouTube video so I thought I'd give it a go :) So if any of you want to get to know me a little more, keep reading..
1. Do you have a middle name?
Yes, I do.. It's Lauren :)

2. What is/was your favorite subject at school?
Probably Art/Textiles, not that I was very artistic.. just because they were very relaxed subjects.

3. What is your favorite drink?
I have a couple, but have recently started drinking Cherryade again (Reminds me of when I was little - simple times)

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?
Alex Clare - Too Close.

5. What would you name your kids?
Hmmmm.. I like Harrison for a boy.. (but my mum stole that). And Charlotte for a girl. 

6. Do you participate in any sports?
I can happily say, I do not haha.

7. Favorite Book?
Sophie Kinsella - Remember me. 

8. Favorite colour?
I'm boring, just any kind of pink.

9. Favorite animal?

10. Favorite perfume?
Without a doubt, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

11. Favorite holiday?
Probably Christmas.

12. Have you graduated high school?
I didn't graduate exactly, I got pulled out of school year before my exams so I never took them. But I'm out of secondary school/ high school age so.. 

13. Have you ever been out of the country? If so how many times?
I have. Far too many times to remember (without sounding selfish/braggy)

14. Do you speak any other languages?
I wouldn't say I could speak another language fluently, but I like to think I can speak enough Spanish to get me by in any Spanish speaking countries. 

15. How many siblings do you have?
1 Brother (Harrison - 1 In July) and 1 sister (Kayleigh - 21 In August)  ..Yes, my mum is mad!

16. What is your favorite store?
Would have to be Primark or H&M

17. Favorite restaurant?
I don't go out a lot, but 'ASK' (Italian)

18. Do you like school?
I liked Infants and Juniors school.. They were just so simple and happy :) I didn't like Secondary school so much (a lot happened while I was there which I don't want to remember).

19. Favorite Youtuber?
Again, I have a lot of favs.. But I'll put 5 here I think..


^ If you don't already watch any of these girls, go do it now! :)

20. Favorite Movie?
The Green Mile.

21. Favorite TV show?
Hands down, The Big Bang Theory.

22. PC or Mac?
PC. Could never justify buying a MAC, when I know all it would do would be to piss me off haha. 

23. What kind of phone do you have? 
I have a 'Smartphone' (HTC Wildfire)

24. How tall are you?
I'm 5'3 Ish.

Hope that's enlightened you a little..If there's anything else you'd like to know then Leave a comment below (It makes my day :D ..)
Hope your having a good day!
Vicki :) x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mini Haul.+ Good news :D

Right, so this is my first ever haul.. 
I'm one of those nosey people who loves to read/watch about these. So I thought I'd give it a go :) 

So for my first haul, yes it is pretty small. But I currently don't have a job, (well, that's a lie.. the good news bit in the title.. was just a little.. OMG.. I have a job :D But I shan't go into that, I just thought I'd mention it as I'm super excited! haha)

So...Firstly I thought I'd pop to boots as 3 for 2 was back on!

Soap & Glory: Hand Maid and Flake Away. (£2.50 each)

As I don't have a lot of money at the moment, I could only really get mini's.. But I'm pretty damn chuffed!
As I love to be able to re-fresh my hands while I'm out but connot stand making my hands smell like Vodka..(yuck).. I thought I'd pick up Soap & Glory Hand Maid.. And I have to tell you, It's now a must have in my bag! It's just.. PERFECT! It doesn't smell as strongly as normal S&G products, but has a lovely fresh scent that is still to die for.
And as it was 3 for 2 Across the line, I thought I'd pick up two and another mini Flake Away .. As I can't warrant paying £7 ish for the full size tub and It was technically free, so who am I to complain eh :)

So once I got to the till, I found out the had the No7 Vouchers back on too.. YAY!
As I was with a guy friend, he gave me his voucher.. so I had 2! (Even bigger YAY!)
But I just put them in my purse as they don't run out till June 17th..
But, that did not last long! I went back straight away to pick up some No7 Eyelases.

No7 False Lashes. 40 - Intense Volume.
These have to be my all time fav false lashes, I used to use the eylure ones but I voucher I got last year made me pick these up and I just fell in love and haven't looked back since.
I still use the Eylure glue as I find the No7 doesn't last as long. But the lashes them selves.. wow! I like to re-use lashes, so I carefully take them off whenever I use them..and they just last sooooo long! It's untrue.. And these particular ones look so natural. And with the voucher only cost £2.50.. BARGAIN! I realise I could have got 2 pairs, but I thought I'd wait as the vouchers run out after my birthday so may be able to treat myself to a mascara or something instead :)

So lastly, I popped to Ikea of all places to pick up some more candles..

Now, if you haven't tried Ikea candles.. your missing out.. Yes, they're hardly Yankee Candles.. but for the price they're as good as.

I went to pick up some more tea lights, but I picked one of these up as I already have a couple at home and It smelt like Haribo :D I think they used to be around £1.70 something, so when I saw they were under a £1 each.. I thought, screw the tea lights! And picked up 2 of these instead..

Vicki :) x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My 'Bathroom Essentials'

Okay, so this is a little random.. but I thought I'd show you lot my 'bathroom essential' (yes, just stuff I use in the bath/shower etc.. Nothing weird haha.)

So these lovely products are my current musts.. I do love to try new things, but a couple of these I think are gunna be keepers!

I like to stay simple with cosmetics/ beauty products (These count as beauty products right?!) As the name of my blog suggests. Why go all out on a shampoo, when you could save up for a nice pair of shoes instead :D And at the same time, have perfectly awesome products.. at reasonable prices.

*List addiction*  - Sorry guys.

  • Tresemme - Deep Cleansing Shampoo. (for all hair types)
  • Bed Head - Moisture Maniac, moisturizing Conditioner.
  • Rituals - Yogi Flow, foaming shower gel. Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Soap & Glory - Flake away.
  • Boots - Exfoliating Face Scrub. Tea Tree+ Witch hazel.

I couldn't highly recommend any of these enough. (Not tried any? I demand you to, go on.. Boots.. now!!)

I don't wanna get too much into each one, cause I doubt you'd want that (If you do, let me know) .. But this may say something about me, I don't know.. but they all smell friggin' BEAUTIFUL! Even if you don't go and buy any of these, just go out and smell them (you'll feel weird doing so, but we all do it let's be honest).

They ALL do what the say on the tin so to speak, so I'm very happy with this little selection of lovelyness. And best of all, they didn't cost the Earth! :D

Let me know if you use/ have used any of the above products, and tell me you thoughts! :)

Vicki :) x
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