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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review; No7 Poor Vacuum Mask

Another cheeky No7 voucher enabled purchase! But my skin was very thankful for such a purchase!

I present you the No7 pore vacuum mask ..

If you're having one of those 'I could do with a facial peel' days.. then you really have to give this mask a go!

Bad points: 
  • The smell - It's a very strong chemically smell, but don't let that put you off.
  • It's tricky to apply - but when you've got the hang of it, it's all good.
  • Probably not suitable for sensitive skin - It's a very strong product and acts as a kind of chemical exfoliant.

Good points: 
  • It's a peel off + wipe off - Adding to my above comment about getting used to the application.. make sure the edges are thick to enable you to peel it off in a few quick movements (also don't use it on the soft skin under you eyes! As it really hurts to peel it off there - should you get some on there, use a damp face cloth to remove it)
  • It makes your skin feel fucking amazing!

What is with that after face!

^ You can see just where it's sat on your pores and brought everything to the surface.

I'd say price wise at £.14 for 50ml, it's definitely better than your average detox mask.

It's not clay based, and doesn't heat up on the skin - But once you've removed it with your chosen method, my god your skin couldn't feel any more detoxed (Much better than other clay 'detox' masks I've tried). It feels as if it's peeled of/ chemically stripped off the top layer of your skin, and draws all you impurities to the surface (hence my spots being slightly redder after using it) - It's got to get worse before it gets better!
It does leave my face slightly dry.. but I usually follow up with a light moisturiser .. to further allow my skin to breathe without it feeling tight. 

All in all, it's an amazing 'drugstore' face mask well worth giving a shot if you're stuck in a rut with your skin.. Available here.

Vicki xo

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  1. Hi Vicki, I love your blog! I've just nominated you for the Liebster award :) x


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