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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

DIY: Re use your glossy boxes ..

Hello my lovelies..
This is going to be another kinda DIY style post, hope you like it :)

I'm not going to lie, I'm quite the 'box whore' .. I just love storage and empty cardboard boxes etc, but It's starting to get a little crazy and it's my sisters birthday today so thought I'd show you how I finally got shot of one of these boxes without having just just throw it away (This obviously works with any box, but I seem to have a few of these empty Glossy Box postage boxes laying about.

Right, what you will need:

1. An empty box
2. Some kind of packaging material (The annoying shredded paper that comes in Glossy boxes)
3. Your chosen gifts.

Simply throw in the packaging material..

Then arrange your gifts how ever you like.. (I could of done with more shredded paper to keep it all how it is in the photo, as when she opened it, it was more of a lucky dip.. but that's always a fun idea too!)

The finished article.. yay! A big happy 22nd birthday to my sister!

(I do not mean to patronise anybody by the way, just thought I'd share..)

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