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Friday, 22 August 2014

Let's get fit!

Okay, so it's the middle of August and I'm talking fitness? 

Well I'm not necessarily talking bikini bodies etc..  I'm talking lifestyle change and generally getting 'fitter' 

Now I'm no nutritionist or personal trainer.. But I like to think I have some kind of idea on what I'm doing, and 'disclaimer' .. I'm not saying these things will work for you! We're all different and our bodies don't all take things the same way.

I've been on this kick for about a year now and I'm nowhere near where I want to be.. 
But I thought I'd share my to date tips and maybe add some 'before' shots in hope when I do a follow up post there's some difference to be seen. 


  • Get fucking motivated!! 

Search for realistic goal pictures, transformations etc. Follow some 'fitspo' pages on Instagram!

  • Cut the shit!
That little bit of chocolate you think won't make a difference.. WRONG! Eat something bad for you and you've tricked your mind back to your 'old ways'. Make healthier choices if you eat out.

  • Don't restrict yourself or calorie count!
Following my above comment, obviously don't restrict everything in your diet.. if you fancy a chocolate bar or some biscuits with your cuppa.. don't say no.. but work it off in some way! Tell yourself if you have that chocolate.. you have to do 20 extra squats. Don't specifically 'calorie count', watch what you eat calorie wise and do a rough add up but don't let it control your life!

  • Cheat day..
Again, following on.. allow that one day where you eat what you want (within reason) .. you can have carbs for lunch and dinner if you want and even have an ice cream after tea.. But set yourself that one day a week!

  • Set a routine..
Probably the most important thing to do! Even if like me at the moment, you have a lot of time on your hands.. make sure you set aside half and hour to an hour a day (preferably in the morning) to do some kind of exercise. Now I'm not saying go and do 30 minutes of cardio every morning.. but do something everyday to keep in the mindset!.. I'd say to start do 2 x 30 minutes of cardio a week + 6/7 days a week to 30 - 60 minutes of strength/ weight training (Squats, crunches etc)

There is a lot of apps out there to help you with your journey, some of my faves are - 
Myfitnesspal (Online version)

These are both available on Android and IOS.. so no excuses! Join me on this journey to a better you :)  

I'll follow up with some of my favourite exercises, healthy recipes etc soon.

Vicki xo 

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  1. Great tips and very true. I need to get motivated but I find it so hard and I think a routine is key xxx


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