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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Makeup Surgery..

Good afternoon lovelies :D  It's nice and sunny here where I am, and has been all day.. and as this weather cheers me up so much I thought get my ass in gear, write a blog post + have a work out!! So part 1.. Le blog post.
Today I'm sharing a little procedure with you on some used up concealer.. (Well at least I thought they were).

What you will need

1. The item(s) your cutting open.
2. Scissors.
3. A cotton bud stick.
4. A little empty sample pot.

Now this is probably this simplest thing you could ever do, and you don't really need me to tell you what to do, but this is mearly what I've done and me showing you how much product/ money your about to throw away.

First things first, cut the cotton bud off the stick.

Then cut the product open! Don't be scared, get stuck in! 

Use the stick of the cotton bud to scoop the remaining product out and into the pot. (It may be an idea to have some tissue or baby wipes handy at this point).

 - Pretty much empty concealer..

                 Half full pot of concealer, yay! - 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

March Empties

So it may be the 17th of April, but honest mistake.. i forgot to post this the day i wrote it and it said on the blogger app i already had. Alas, here is my March empties.
Another month has passed, and another bunch of products have been used up!
To my surprise I actually managed to use up a fair few things, I didn't start most of these at the beginning of the month, but I still managed to finish them by the end.


VO5 Heat Protect styling spray - I don't have a lot to say about heat protections really, as I rarely use heat on my hair.. I never notice if actually affects my hair atall. They have since changed this bottle and smell etc. The newer one has been in an empties of mine (Click here to see the previous post). Repurchase? No as I can't get this exact one.
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush - I'm not going to on like most people do about this, as quite frankly.. I don't like using it.. I much prefer to wash my hair! But on those days where needs must, it's alright.. nothing special. Repurchase? Maybe, doubtful though.
Batiste Dry Shampoo in Silver Shimmer - Probably the worst dry shampoo ever! Why why why did the feel the need to make dry shampoo's with actual glitter in! For it's purpose that's just a massive no! You use dry shampoo to make your hair less obviously greasy to others.. this only draws people in!! In honest I think this has been finished for a while but I thought I'd include it to tell you my thoughts. Repurchase? Don't even know if it's still available, but that's a hands down NO!
L'oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Repairing Shampoo - I didn't buy it because it's claims, I just wanted to try a different shampoo. What can I say? It cleaned my hair.. But it was nothing special. Repurchase? No.
L'oreal Elvive Triple Resist 3 Reinforcing Conditioner - Same as the shampoo really.. ended up just using it to shave my legs as I just got bored of it. Repurchase? No.
Joico K-PAK Deep penetrating reconstructor - I got this a few years ago in a Christmas gift set from my dad.. But In all honesty, my hair never needed it.. It's in such good condition I didn't notice any difference it may have made. I'm not actually sure if I like this fact or not.. but it also smelt of banana. Repurchase? No. 


Simple Moisturising Facial Wash - Facial wash's aren't really my cup of tea, but I'm currently using a Tea Tree cleanser (which I darn't put on my eyes) so I use this to just take the mojority of my make up off before cleansing. It wasn't brilliant and I'm kind of glad to see the end of it. Repurchase? No.
Dove Invisible Dry Anti White Marks Deodorant - This and the original (blue lid) are my absolute favs. It does what it says on the tin.. keeps you smelling and feeling fresh, that's all I need to say. Repurchase? Already have about 3 times (One for my bag, at home and the boyfriends)
Imperial Leather Bewitching Bath Creme (LTD Edition) - I'm thinking now it was meant for a shower gel/ cream.. but I actually used it as bubble bath. I can't say I was particularly taken by the scent! But it made some bubbles.. Repurchase? No.
Garnier Body Intensive 7 Day Lotion - Love love love!! I got like 5 of these sample pack things when this first got released.. I can't say it lives up to 7 days claim.. but It's a body lotion not a miracle worker! I'd have loved for it to have lasted even 3 days as I'm very lazy when it comes to body butters, lotions and creams. Alas, I think It does the job for 1 day and that's fine. Repurchase? Already have.
FCUK Polished Bodywash Souffle - Not sure if this is still available, but if it is.. don't go near it! I hated using this, but didn't want to waste it so I kept on going (Is it me, or do things last forever to use when you hate using them?) Repurchase? Think I've already answered that, no!
Tesco Value Cotton Wool Pads - I know normal ones aren't pricey, but honestly.. give these a shot.. they're just  as good as boots, superdrug etc and half the price! Repurchase? I would if I could find them anywhere!
All done again for another month, think it's dinner time! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Review; The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I'll start of by saying, this is by no means going to be a positive review and be warned there is going to be some bare faced icky photos!
I guess as this is a skincare review I best start of by saying what my 'skin type' is.. I have sensitive, combination/oily skin (Well at least I did - Explanation below). 

I had made an order on the body shop site sometime last year, and I received a little 15ml tub of there Vitamin E cream as a little free gift. I have to admit, I kind of just shoved it away and forgot about it. But I went onto a mission to getting into a proper skin care routine and thought I'd give it a try, to my devastation!

So of an evening I decided to pop this cream all over my face in place of my normal moisturiser.. 

So yeah, I thought that bugger of a spot was the last of my worries.. but the longer I was awake I realised it really wasn't..

The right photo isn't very clear, hence all the arrows dotted everywhere but I was just sat downstairs watching tv and realised my face was a little warm and thought nothing of it till I looked in the mirror to see all these red blotches all over my face!! Now my skin was never the best to start with.. but It was never like this. 
The cells soon repaired themselves, and my skin was somewhat clear again. But I didn't rule out the moisturiser straight away so thought I'd give it another go a week or so later. But alas, I woke up 10 times worse!! My face felt like it was burning, it was ridiculously dry (not just on the blotchy areas) and it just felt so irritated. 
I had no idea what to do, I'm used to my face being an oil slick and I just had a normal Simple moisturiser, which I instantly slapped on but to no avail. I cried my way to Tesco where I bought a tube of E45, as I knew even if it didn't solve the issue it sure as hell wouldn't make it worse. Nearly a week after applying E45 heavily a few times a day (it was that dry and sore!) Still nothing, and me and the boyfriend had made plans to do to London that weekend and I didn't want to let him down. So again I slapped on the E45 and left the house so angry I couldn't put anything other than mascara on and with my skin super red and irritated.
I'm not going to lie, it litteraly took over a month to fix itself.. It's only now just started getting slightly oily so I can actually apply even a BB Cream let alone a foundation!

All in all I am not a happy bunny! I love the body shop, so will not let this ruin them for me.. I will simply throw this monstrosity away and steer clear in future!!

The Culprit ^
Rant over!..

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