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Thursday, 8 December 2011

REVIEW; Garnier BB Cream.

I may as well ramble about my opinion on the current craze that is BB (Blemish Balm) Creams.
I plan to try some more out,but this review is just going to be on Garniers' one..

Right so those of you who haven't tried a BB cream, where have you been?!
To put it simply I'd say it were like a tinted moisturiser..
Garnier have called theirs 'Miracle Skin Perfector'
And to be honest,I wouldn't say it was far off that for me personally.

So to the actual review ..
For a product that retails around £10, I really hoped It would actually work; and I can safely say I have no complaints :)
It has a thick foundation kind of formula but in the warmth of your hands it usually softens it up.
It applies like a dream;so smooth,natural smelling.. Just what you want to put on your face really.
I  usually use Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, which don't get me wrong.. I love! But It tends to break me out :/ Whereas the BB Cream doesn't, but pretty much looks the same as the Bourjois foundation. (Major plus in my books)

For that price you get a 50ml bottle, which seems pretty steep if you ask me.. but you only have to use such a small amount each application :)
So I couldn't really recommend it enough..
Cheap for the length of time it lasts, natural, doesn't break me out.. Perfect!!
The only thing I would say is a downer on it is,  there is only 2 colours (Light and Medium) ..
And the 'Light' one isn't what I'd call light.. It works okay for me but don't be fooled by the colour name! Remember.. Always try before you buy! :)

Have you tried any BB Creams?
Vicki :) x
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