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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Haul. 29/3/14

I wasn't even sure whether to post this or not cause It's that small but as I don't have a lot to blog about recently I thought I'd go ahead and share it anyway...

I popped into Lush + Boots (Purely cause my No7 Vouchers were due to run out today!)

Yes, I picked up 3! packets of the No7 face wipes! I love these face wipes and I had 3 vouchers so I was cheeky and bought all 3 for £6 rather than £21! (Who pays £7 for face wipes!!)

I also got matched for a new foundation, (yes cause of the voucher!) I got the Stay Perfect foundation in Calico and I believe It was £11.50 (Normally £14.50)

And I also picked up these two bubble bars from Lush.. (Creamy Candy - £2.50 + Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25) 

I'm on a kind of spending ban at the moment (Not completely).. so as to start using the products in my 'beauty stash' But I thought I'd treat myself to a few bath time treats and use up my vouchers! :) 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Review - Cocoa Brown Self Tan

I'm not a massive fake tan person, but I like to dabble now and then and had heard good things about the Cocoa Brown tan. I found it in my local Primark for £6 but It's also available from Feel Unique

The tan itself is a mousse formula (the best kind in my opinion) and comes out the can like hair mousse and expands unlike other mousse tans I've previously tried. So It's pretty easy to pump out too much, especially as a little goes a very long way with this.

^ Yeah, that's pure muscle ;)

Now the tan claims to give you beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just 1 hour.. 

After 1 hour

It did live up to it's 1 hour claim .. But then I rinsed it off..

After I rinsed it off .. :/

 I applied another layer after I rinsed the first lot off, feeling slightly disappointed. (apologies as the next before and after were taken in the evening

All in all it was a lovely tan; It didn't smell of that traditionally known fake tan smell, it applied nicely, and gave a lovely subtle colour.. although it did fade very patchy and unlike St. Moriz + Sunkissed, you can't really tell how much you have left. I've used it a few times now and have had the same patchy fading. It's brilliant if you need a quick fix tan for a few days, but I wouldn't use this prior to going on holiday..

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Project 'Use Up'

I did a post a while ago showing you my beauty stash, and needless to say.. It's grown since then and since the haul I did, I'm on a beauty spending ban.. What I have will easily see me through the rest of the year..

^ This is my currant 'beauty stash', which I would like to start to considerably reduce in the next few months.. But my first task is to use up the products I already have on the go..

These are the products I have on the go and wish to use up, I'm going to do an update post in a month or so showing some *fingers crossed* progress.. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Haul (Primark, Boots and Newlook) - 1.3.14

A few weekends ago when I was feeling sorry for myself, I of course went shopping. Now I didn't pick up very much, but I'm happy with what I got and I thought I'd share it with you :)

First off I had to take advantage of the big 3 for 2 event in Boots..  Dove dry shampoo - £4.59. Herbal Essences Moroccan shine shampoo - £3.79. Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (100 Ivory, sadly too dark) - £6.99. Seventeen phwoarr paint concealer (Fair) - £5.49.  L'oreal Super Liner - Around £6. 

On eBay I picked up these little sample pot things so I could decant the end of my concealer like I did in this post. And they were £2.69 (Link to item)

In Newlook I picked up a new handbag, did I need a new one?! No, probably not but I felt ill so thought I'd just treat myself. It was £19.99 (available here) + I did get my 10% student discount off that and the 'scrunchies' shown above which were £2.99 (available here).

And of course no trip to town is complete without a trip to 'ol Primark .. Unfortunately nothing really took my fancy apart from this above skater skirt which I nabbed for £1!! Bargain! And one of the £5 basic skater dresses (shown below)

Hopefully my next haul will be a little more exciting, but I'm officially skint for the next week and a half! Sad times..

Thursday, 6 March 2014

January + February Empties

 We're in March already .. My god!! Well about time for another 2 month Empties..


1. Boots Fruit Essences vibrant colour shampoo - I don't really have a lot to say about this, I didn't pick it up cause it was a colour shampoo so I can't say whether that aspect even did what it was meant to do. But it didn't lather up to how much I'd usually like and I got bored of using it. Repurchase? No.
2. Asda dry shampoo - Do I even need to say anything about this?! It's one of the best dry shampoo's I've ever used and it's £1!! Repurchase? Yes. 
3. Mini Batiste dry shampoo - I'm not the biggest fan of Batiste and never really was.. They smell nice, but I find they don't work that well in my hair. Repurchase? I have another mini with one use left but once that's gone, no I wouldn't.
4. Bed Head Mini Headrush (shine spray) - Love love love!! This is an absolute beauty, It does what it says on the tin and smells AMAZING! Repurchase? Yes.

Bath & Body..

1. Boots Hair Removal Cream - I'm usually a shaving kinda gal but I bought this for the day I got my last tattoo done on my leg, as generally hair removal creams slow my regrowth a little and I thought it'd be less irritating on my legs. Needless to say, it worked for what I needed it to. It also doesn't have that perming lotion smell to it! The only downside is that you can't leave it on whilst showering, therefore adding extra time beforehand to let it do it's magic. Repurchase? Probably.
2. Soap & Glory Clean On Me - I love everything S&G and this did not disappoint. It smells lovely, lathers up a treat.. but it says it has a built in body lotion? I don't feel it does anything moisturising, just makes me smell nice. On the plus sides it has a pump, and lasts forever! I had this nearly a full year on the go, which did start to get a little boring. Repurchase? I got another bottle for Christmas so I won't be buying it myself for a long time I'm sure! 
3. Nivea in shower body moisturiser - What even is this?! The point..?! I don't know! It's marketed as a conditioner for your body as far as I'm aware.. and is meant to be good for lazy girls like myself who can't be bothered to moisturise after showering/bathing. But 1. you still have to apply it like a regular moisturiser, thereby not saving any time! + 2. It didn't even do anything! I put it on and rinsed it off, like it says to do.. but found it an utterly pointless step.. and also smells like 'old lady soap/ make up' (we all know that smell!) Repurchase? No, have even thrown this bottle away with some left in the bottom as I was sick of seeing it on my bath side.
4. The Body Shop, Shea body butter - I'm not the biggest fan of body butters, and this was no different.. The feel nice on the skin, but are too much like hard work for me. Repurchase? I think I have another tub I was gifted ages ago, but again wouldn't go out and buy another.
5. The Body Shop, Shea scrub - Now scrubs are my thing, but sadly this didn't impress.. It was a good scrub, not gonna lie.. but I'm not a fan of those that leave that oil behind on your skin (Handy if you can't be bothered to moisturise, but eurgh, just don't like the oily feeling!) Repurchase? No.

Skincare & Make up..

1. The  Body Shop, tea tree foaming cleanser - Now I cheated with this one, it got to about half way and I was so bored so I poured it into a bottle of tea tree toner I had and now use the combined mix to wash my make up brushes (FYI, genius idea!) But I still have an opinion on this such an empty bottle.. I love using tea tree products, but this just didn't work for me. I've never tried a foaming cleanser before so I wasn't sure what to expect.. But I didn't like it at all. I felt like it being foam and tea tree it dried my skin out and didn't actually cleanse my skin very well. Repurchase? No.
2. No7 Intense Volume mascara - One of my all time favourite mascara's! I've mentioned it a few times and really need to do a separate post on it, but for now all you need to know is that it's amazing.. and the No7 vouchers are currently on again so why not give it a go ;) Repurchase? I have a few mini's of it amongst other mascaras, but after them.. I most definitely will!


1. Tesco cotton pads - Just your average cotton pads really.. Not a lot to say.. They did what I needed them to. Repurchase? Yes.
2. Boots double sided cotton pads - Now These, I wasn't so sure about.. Both sides had different textures.. One of which just absorbed any product I put on it (unless soaked) which was a tad annoying and the other side just failed altogether, and just didn't remove my make up just kinda dragged across my face. Repurchase? No.
3. Morrison's cotton wool balls - I probably don't need these as well as cotton pads, but they look cute in the little jar I have them in on my dressing table! Again, just average cotton wool balls.. nothing special. Repurchase? Yes.
4. Crest white strips - I thought I'd see what the rave was all about again on these, and yeah they did lift the yellow slightly.. but no more than using my whitening toothpaste+ mouthwash do. Repurchase? For the hassle it is to get hold of them, no.

5. Lush, Luxury bath pud - FAIL. Review here .. Lovely colour and smell.. but it failed me.. Repurchase? No.
6. Lush, Bombardino - Similar to the Butter ball but less oily, didn't smell of an awful lot and just turned the water a weird yellow colour.. very boring but looked cute! Repurchase? No.

So that's my 'empties' done for another few months, I already have a few products in my next bag ready as yet again I'm late in getting this up..

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