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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Haul. 29/3/14

I wasn't even sure whether to post this or not cause It's that small but as I don't have a lot to blog about recently I thought I'd go ahead and share it anyway...

I popped into Lush + Boots (Purely cause my No7 Vouchers were due to run out today!)

Yes, I picked up 3! packets of the No7 face wipes! I love these face wipes and I had 3 vouchers so I was cheeky and bought all 3 for £6 rather than £21! (Who pays £7 for face wipes!!)

I also got matched for a new foundation, (yes cause of the voucher!) I got the Stay Perfect foundation in Calico and I believe It was £11.50 (Normally £14.50)

And I also picked up these two bubble bars from Lush.. (Creamy Candy - £2.50 + Bunny Bubble Bar - £3.25) 

I'm on a kind of spending ban at the moment (Not completely).. so as to start using the products in my 'beauty stash' But I thought I'd treat myself to a few bath time treats and use up my vouchers! :) 

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