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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Beauty Therapy Level 2 - So far..

So as you may or may not know, I decided to go back to college this year to do Beauty Therapy (level 2). I'd thought I'd let you know as a kind of progression diary entry, how I was getting on. 

I only do 1 day a week, and have only had 3 lessons so far (we started a lot later in September than normal too), but I feel like I've learnt quite a lot already! We've been absolutely flooded with hand outs, and it's pretty intense.. but I definitely think I made the right decision to go back.

So far we've covered:
   Basic manicure + pedicure.
   Facial (including exfoliation).
   Hand, arm, facial, chest and shoulder massage.
   A little anotomy (Facial bones, skin layers etc).
   As well as the mandatory units (Health and Safety etc).

There's not much else to say really, other than I'm really happy and excited for the future!  If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment :)

                                                         Vicki x

Monday, 14 October 2013

France + Birmingham Haul.

So I've been back from France a week now, so thought I'd go ahead and show you what I got while I was out there/ in duty free/ within a little trip to Birmingham I made when I got back. 

Bioderma twin pack 16.28 euros. Supermarket own brand version around 5 euros. Avene eau thermale,  3.77 euros. Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion+ £24.55 from duty free, where I also picked up another bottle of my beloved Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for £43.95.

Whilst on the flight home, I picked up this 'travel exclusive' set from Benefit called She's so... Jetset!
Which included: 4 Shade eyeshadow palette,the POREfessional mini, They're real! Mascara, First-Class face powder with brush, travel size Life on the A List lip gloss and a double ended applicator. All for £25.

While I was in Birmingham I only went to 2 places, MUJI and Selfridges, I didn't go too crazy and just picked up a back up of my favourite face powder for around £20. The Muji 2 drawer wide, drawers for £11 (ish).. And a little treat in the Selfridges food hall in the shape of a single pot of lucky charms!

I recently went to a student lock in and picked up a few bits including a bargainous pair of Kurt Geiger shoes, would anybody be interested in seeing what I picked up?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

ClipHair, Hair Extension Review

A week and I think I'm finally getting back to reality! Coming to you today with a review of some hair extensions I recently bought from Cliphair..

As you may know, choosing the right colour of hair extensions online can be very difficult. Luckily Cliphair have a colour matching system in where you email them a photo of your hair and they tell you which colour they think will best suit your natural hair. So of course I did this and was told #613 Bleach Blonde.

I bought the set of 15 Inch Double Wefted Full Head Remy Clip in Human Hair Extensions - Bleach Blonde (#613) which includes :- 
Two 8 inch (20cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft
Two 6 inch (15cm) wide wefts - 3 clips per weft
Two 4 inch (10cm) wide wefts - 2 clips per weft
Two 2 inch (5cm) wide wefts - 1 clip per weft

I don't have super thick hair, but I certainly have a lot of it.. So I went for the double wefted set, which if I'm honest isn't at all that thick. On the website it says 15 inch is 150g which is probably about right but isn't quite enough to blend nicely with my natural hair (Just a note to anyone looking into these extensions really, not a bad point of them). The extensions themselves are really nice quality remy hair which is always what I look for when getting any kind of extensions.

Each clip is fitted with the silicone band for added protection for your hair. But as you may be able to see from the above photo, they aren't sewn on all that nicely. They must of been sewn while the clips were open as when you snap them shut, there is a slight pull. And It's pretty messily done.



They didn't match my natural hair when they arrived so I had to get my hair dresser to put some darker highlights through them so they blended better. I haven't taken a photo since she added the highlights but I'll add that in as and when. The set I got retailed for £54.99 with free P&P. (Although when you sign up with them they give you a 5% off code, which isn't a lot but it's a nice incentive).

I'm going to end it on a sad note, yes there was shedding.. as you can see in the above photo it wasn't just the odd strand that you would expect either. Little clumps like this have come out, and there's been around 3 so far which doesn't give me high hopes. But I shall keep my fingers crossed that that's the end of that!

I know this post was a little all over the place, and I apologize.. Hopefully I'll be in better form next time. 
Hope this review helps any of you looking to buy clip in hair extensions.

Vicki x

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