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Saturday, 14 January 2012

November 26th 2011.

Okay, so this is going to be nothing to with what I made this blog for :L 
But you don't have to read it, It's for what I hope is a friend to show me support I guess? haha. 

So here goes..
About two years ago, I randomly came across a guy called Kris Moyse.. on YouTube.
Straight away I pretty much fell in love with his music. Modern acoustic, perfect! :)
So I continued to follow his progress and watch his YouTube videos.

Mehh, I'll cut to the chase. 2011 came along..
Watched pretty much all his videos.. even if it did annoy my dad cause I went over our download limit :') But I just couldn't resist that beautiful voice.
So last night (November 26th) me and a friend popped down to sunny 'ol Bognor Regis to see Kris.. LIVE :D
I was bloody chuffed yano! If I hadn't got my job a couple of weeks ago, I probably wouldn't have gone.. and now, I don't like to think about that. 'Cause I realised I would have missed probably the best night of this year!
It was so weird to see someone playing a song on my phone while we were on the train there, to them being right in front of us. He was bloody brilliant I'll tell you that for nowt  :P .. - Have a listen for yourselves and spread the word, so to speak :)
I have so much love for this guy! He's so genuinely lovely and he sings beautifully.
His missus is a bloody lucky woman :p

Me and Kelvin had an amazing night, so thank you Kris! And keep up the good work! :)
Literally just gunna listen to his album (out December 1st).. pretty damn exited!  :D
*Hums Daughtry to self* 

REVIEW: Lauren Luke Brush

I'm going to be reviewing 4 of Lauren Luke's Make up brushes..

(L-R; Flat Eye Shadow, Tapered Blending, Foundation + Large Powder Brush)

It was an understatement to say I was exited about these brushes (after reviews and seeing the price! :D) ..
I've watched Lauren on YouTube for over a year now and she just seems so genuinely lovely!
And when she brought her brush range out I knew I had to get my hands on a couple.
So a little Ironic trip to Newcastle landed me with 2 MAC products, and to be honest.. I never thought I'd be someone to use MAC products (purely for the price) But my boyfriend told me to treat my self, so I did! :)
 So after buying a very pricey foundation and powder I came to the realization I don't have any decent brushes for either.. D:
Even though Lauren's brushes were so brilliantly priced to start with, when she made them even cheaper I just HAD TO get some! So my lovely dad got me the powder brush for Christmas and I was chuffed!

I'm pretty sure you can still tell from the picture, this brush stands up to it's name in being 'large'! So I started to use this with my MAC pressed powper.. and well,it's just bloody perfect! Holds brilliantly, applys like a dream and you can't really go wrong with it only being £6.50! :D

Next up..

Again, no complaints..

This foundation brush is unlike any I've ever used. As you can see, it's round.. unlike the 'traditional' foundation brush. Which makes application so much easier as it can get into all those difficult little places like around your eyes and nose.

Very pleased it only cost me an hours work (£6.00)
And like all the brushes I have (and I'm sure the ones I don't have).. They are super soft! :)

On to the eye brushes.. 

So just your average flat eye shadow brush..
holds products really well and applies it just as smoothly.
Good little addition to my slowly growing collection! :) 



Again, average tapered blending brush..

Blends like a absolute dream, very pleased with this little'un!


Okay,that wasn't a very 'in depth' review.. but I'm mega tired but needed something to keep me awake.. can't being going to sleep at 9:15 :O!
I would definitely recommend getting some of these or any of Lauren's brushes.
They're such brilliant quality and so amazingly priced!!

There is 8 brushes all together, priced from £3.25 - £6.00
By far the best brushes I've ever used, and cannot wait to purchase the ones I'm missing out of the collection! :D
Also.. you can buy the full set for £33.75 .. Bargain!!


^ Have a look for yourself and if you don't watch Lauren on YouTube.. DO IT! :p

Have you tried any of Lauren's brushes?
Vicki :) x
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