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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I'm taking on my travels.. beauty edit

Eee, I'm so excited! I'm going up to Yorkshire in 2 days! 2 frigging days! :D :D :D
I'm sorry.. ahem..

I just thought I'd share what beauty related items I'm taking with me..

1. No7 Face wipes
2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
3. Sample of Clinique clarifying lotion (2 - Dry Combination)
4. Clinique moisture surge
5. Some baby shampoo decanted into a S&G tub for washing my brushes.
6. Bioderma (I will be buying a small travel bottle to decant this as well.. but for the purposes of the photo..)
And lastly just some cotton pads, cotton wool balls and cotton buds.

1. Either Toni & Guy glamour firm hold hairspray or Tresemme freeze hold hairspray..
2. Batiste in tropical.
3. Herbal Essences beautiful ends shampoo
4. Aussie miracle moist conditioner
5. a decanted bottle of a heat proctectant.

1. I love.. coconut & cream shower gel
2. Soap & Glory The righteous butter.
3. Sanctuary body moisture spray.

1. White glow toothpaste
2. Decanted Colgate Plax whitening mouthwash.
3. Decanted Asda bubble bath.
4. Dove original compressed deo.

I'm also taking exfoliating gloves, a facial exfoliator sponge and an old shower puff thing.. (Just a tip, if you have one getting to the end of it's life.. save it! Go onto a new one and if you ever go travelling anywhere take the old one you'd put by then you have no need to bring it home/ get all your stuff wet :))

As I have a new fancy camera, I'm going to try to get some nice photo's while I'm upped north (like my accent? ;)) And put them together when I get back..

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Review: LUSH Shoot For The Stars Bath Ballistic.

I never really thought to do reviews of bath things like this.. but this really did need talking about, and not in a good light!

Yes, It made some lovely colours, but my bath nearly full it still looked like this..

After a little manipulation.. 

As I said in my last empties post, the only good thing was the purple water and the glitter..

All in all I'm really disappointed with this bath bomb, It barely fizzed when I first threw it in.. and after it having been in for more than long enough it still hadn't fully dissolved.. I still had little chunks floating up to me when I'd got in..  I don't know if I just got a duff one or what but I'm glad I only paid half price to change the colour of my bath water!

November+December 2013 Empties

Happy new year!! Again, I had to merge the last two months worth of empties into one post as I just ran out of time and patience with the shitty natural light in the UK at the moment. 

Skincare + Makeup..

1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It's true what everybody says about this, it's just perfect! I don't know what I can say that you wouldn't of already heard/read. I absolutely loved using this and was very sad when it came to the end. Repurchase? Yes.
2. Simple Facial Toner. I've gone through a fair few bottles of this over the last year or so.. I only really use it as a makeup remover for those lazy days / next day to remove some mascara that didn't quite budge.. and it worked perfectly for that purpose. Repurchase? Yes.
3. Sainsbury's Aloe Vera Cleansing Wipes for sensitive skin. I bought these on a wim, as I always like to have a pack as backup for those lazy evening where I can't be bothered to take my make up off properly. They were okay but didn't feel like they got rid of everything off my face. Repurchase? No.
4. Johnsons's extra sensitive 'makeup be gone' wipes. Again as above, i bought these on a wim.. I actually bought both packets at the same time. These on the other hand though did a much better job at removing my make up, they didn't get rid of ALL of my mascara.. but I'm more bothered about my face makeup coming off. Repurchase? Yes.
5. No7 Intense Volume mascara. This mascara is probably my all time favourite! It does everything I want it to do to my lashes, the wand is perfect (a little big for some people maybe) and it's not really that pricey. Will try and do a seperate post on it in the coming weeks. Repurchase? Yes, a million times over!
6. Urban Decay primer potion mini. This little'un came with my naked palette, which I was so happy about as I've always wanted to try it. It really did work!! My eye makeup usually creases like a bitch/ get smudgey-all-over-the-place eyeliner.. and this little beauty really stood the test of time! I started using it (sparingly ofcourse.. ) just for my day to day liner.. and I was just so impressed! Repurchase? Yes, already have!

Bath + Body..

1. Lush butterball. I got this on recommendation of MBB as a little treat to my tired, dry, yucky skin.. I'm not usually a fan of oil in the bath as I don't really like the slippy feeling afterwards and having to clean it out!! But this was a happy medium, it did none of that but did soften my skin nicely without need to moisturise which is always a plus! Repurchase? Yes.
2. Lush Shoot for the stars. If you follow me on instagram you'd of seen how and why I was so annoyed by this bomb. I don't know If the bath wasn't hot enough or my bomb was just a duff one.. but it was such a disappointment. It barely fizzed at all when I put it in the bath, and when I thought it was ready and time to hop in.. I was surprised to find little lumps of the said bomb floating up to me (no longer fizzing, even when i crushed it in my hand) The only thing I liked about it was the colour it left the water and that it was full of really fine glitter, thankfully not that kind that causes you to have a shower directly after you get out. Repurchase? No.
3. Dove soap. I don't ordinarily use bars of soap, only when I get a tattoo.. which is of course why I used this one :D I know the deal of going for un-fragrenced/ purfumed/ generally gentle soaps when having had a tattoo, and I always use this one and have no problems. It's also the only bar that doesn't leave my skin feeling nasty and tight. Repurchase? If I need to, yes.


1. Asda Dry Shampoo. Yes, I've used another can! It's just that good! I've talked about this so many times, so I shant repeat myself. But I'll just leave you telling you It's the best dry shampoo I've used to date and it's only £1!! Repurchase? Yes!
3. Creightons Beautiful Brunetter Intensive care conditioner. I know I'm not brunette, but I had it to use so I did.. I'm not sure where you can even buy this, I see it on the odd occasion in the 99p/£1 shop, and I believe they do a blonde version too. Anyway anyway.. as conditioners go, this was alright.. nothing special.. it left my hair feeling nice so I can't complain but after a while I think it started to separate.. if conditioner even does that.. Repurchase? Yes, I may try the blonde one next time though.


1. Colgate Max White One Mouthwash. Love love love this stuff! Along side my whitening toothpaste (white glo) I really notice the difference.. I wouldn't say it was a lasting affect, but it does the job when I want it to so I don't mind. Repurchase? Yes.
2. Ambray Nail Polish Remover (with conditioner). *shrugs* nail polish remover is nail polish remover at the end of the day, it did the job and it got the polish off my nail.. but I hate it when these removers claim to be conditioning... It's utter bull! Alas.. Repurchase? Yes, probably..I just buy whatever is there.
3. Wet ones 'be cute' Antibacterial wipes. Now, I always always carry antibac gel on me, but sometimes it's nice to use wipes instead. I love having one of these little packs in my bag for any kind of eventuality. Repurchase? Maybe not this scent, but yes.
4. Dove original (compressed). As always, I've used another one of these.. as with the dry shampoo, I needent have to say anything about this after how many times I have previously. It's just my go to deo, and it works for me.. Repurchase? Yes.

Apologies about the ramblings.. ^^ 

Here's to 2014... 
Time to start on these...

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