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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pamper Evening..

Whether there's reason or not, we all love a good pamper evening.. I've had quite a lot go on in the past 2 months, and I finally had a good 4 hour window perfect for such an evening. So I thought I'd share how I spend mine, I don't go this crazy all the time.. but most of this happened last night.. 

I'll try not to ramble too much, instead.. I just took a lot of photo's.. So relax that little mind of yours and look at my perfect little evening unfold.. 

First things first.. Tidy that bedroom!! Tidy room, tidy mind!! :) There's nothing better than getting out of a nice bath and coming into your bedroom to no clutter and candles everywhere (the candles and hello kitty are optional extras!)

Another prep tip, make a playlist/ find an album you love all the way through (we don't wanna have to be drying hands to change song)

(Again, this is optional..) Alas, grab what ever your favourite drink may be and have it ready by the side of the tub!

More candles!!! (My dad thinks I'm a bit crazy) Now, shove a bottle of bubble bath or throw in your fav lush bomb or bubble bar, prep all the bits you want to use in the bath and afterwards and take care of that beautiful face.

Cleanse, double cleanse, scrub.. and pop on a face mask (or two in my case)

Once I get out, I like to give myself a little manicure and pedicure! (This is the point I actually put my face mask on, as I tend to make the bath too hot and It just melts off/ feels a bit uncomfortable) .. Keep the tunes going till your hands & feet look and feel beautiful! 

Last things last, I took off my face masks and gave myself the other half of my facial.. (and moisturised my body while I was at it!!)  Toner, over night spot treatment, eye cream, lip blam, moisturiser! BOOM! And ready for bed! This is a long task, but once in a while.. It's a very nice treat! :) 

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