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Sunday, 9 September 2012

August goal review+ September goals..

Millie (2010 - As it is CLEARLY not snowing right now)

So first up, a round up of my August goal 'results'.. 

(Just to recap..)
1. Learn how to and use twitter.
2. Blog at least once a week.
3. Improve routine (Skin care, hair care and lifestyle)
4. Try to exercise more.
5. Try to finish a book.

4/5.. Well I can't really complain.. Those were personally pretty tough goals for me, yet still realistic and I near enough succeeded in all of the above. Pretty chuffed :)

September Goals

1. Following on from exercising more, I have joined the gym so I'm making a goal to go at least once a week.
2. As I didn't finish a book last time, It's on the list again (Only a chapter or two to go)
3. Spend time with my mum, Alex and Harrison.. before they move to France :(
4. To go with exercising more, I'm hoping to eat healthier too (More fruit/ less crap etc)
5. Drink more water (To further help improve my skin etc)

Again, I like to think these are pretty achievable *fingers crossed* ..

Do you have any goals this month?
Vicki :) x

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