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Sunday, 3 November 2013

10 Random..

1. Use Vaseline on your hair line and ears when applying hair dye!

2. Use baby oil to remove stubborn mascara!

3. Try use pumps on products where you can (It makes the product last longer) If the bottle you have doesn't have a pump, try grab one of another bottle, like I've done here!

4. Keep sample/ miniature bottles and tubs for travelling! Why buy them when you probably have some hanging around?!

5. Get a spare battery for your phone! (You can buy battery's for most phones for a few pound on eBay)

6. Write stuff down! (It somehow improves memory I find)
7. RECYCLE! Don't just stick to cardboard and plastic. Sell or donate your unwanted items, one man's junk is another man's treasure after all!

8. Stay organised, don't just stick to the places you can see either. Tidy room, tidy mind.

9. Bulk buy when things are on offer (You'd think this was a no brainer, but there are some people who ignore those offers and end up spending twice as much as needed!)

10. Sign up to Freebie websites! Magic Freebies UK, Free Stuff World - They are worth the daily emails! 

Hope you enjoyed/ found this somewhat helpful..


  1. Loved this post, I actually learn a few little things here. Need to get on board the keeping little bottle so I don't have to buy them :D


  2. Hey hun,

    I would love to help you out with a new blog design! Just take a look at my website and contact me via the email on the contact page. :)

    Felicity. xx


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