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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Things gonna be changing round here!..

Hi guys, two posts in two days? What's wrong with me?!! .. But I have some news and general stuffs I'd like to discuss.. 

1. URMURGURD! I'm going back to college, I'm pretty late in doing so (being 19 n all) but I've decided I really need to do something with my life! So you may or may not want to know, what is it I'm going to study? .. Beauty therapy is the answer! I've aspired since I was a little girl to become a beautician and be my own boss, and I'm gonna make it happen!

2. Initially I started this blog as a place to share my beauty opinions etc, with a little lifestyle thrown in. But I've now decided I'm going to introduce some more health and fitness posts. It may just be easier to set up a separate blog for this, but nothing comes that easy to me.. It's always a polava! So I'm going to combine all of the above into 'Allthesimplethings' ..

3. Not so much a life change, but once  EE finally give me my phone back I'm going to try to use twitter more. At the moment I'm only using it to post instagram pictures. So if you'd be so kind as to follow me, I'd love you forever and I might even follow you back ;) If you'd like to check out my instagram too, there's a fancy link over there somewhere ---------------------------->
I'm one of those people who posts pictures of everything, so be warned..

I feel that's enough to tell you for now, stay tuned for those fitness and 'beauty school' posts.. And don't forget, twitter.. go go!

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