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Monday, 17 October 2011

Healthy Hair..

Right so this is just gunna be a quick post about how to help grow you hair/ keep it healthy. 
I think all us girls lust after having long and healthy locks. But I personally think the main thing you have to do is stick to certain things and persist.. Quite frankly,if you don't stick to it it'll no doubt just FAIL!
I'll say now, that all I'm going to say is my personal opinions and is what I'm currently doing to help my hair grow  :)

So let's start..
So In my quest for luxurious locks, I made some pretty big (for me) changes to my hair care routine. 
Although the biggest thing I decided to do was just give my hair the chop. I mean I didn't have the longest and most damaged hair to start with.. but I felt so much better after I had it cut!
So the day after the chop, I decided..things just have to change! So I introduced a couple of different things when it came down to my hair are routine.

First things first It was time to just deal with 'second day hair'! I was actually so scared about this bit, but I knew if I wanted hair like Fleur (FleurDeForce) and Kate (Dollybowbow)... then it might just need to be done. So from that day in September I've started to wash my hair every other day, unless I'm going out of course!  :P
So on those dreaded second days, I use probably one of the most well known and used products. 
That being; 
Batiste Dry Shampoo.

This is my savior to be honest! It's easy to use, smells lovely and it's cheap! What more could you want?! :)
Comb through your hair, give it a little spritz at the roots, ruffle up a little and your good to go!

So that's those horrible second days out the way, down to the days I do actually allow a good ol' hair wash..
This bit I'll admit is pretty simple haha.. You know how it goes, lather rinse repeat! Slap the conditioner on, then it's up to you but I like to leave it on for a bit sometimes.. just for a couple of minutes then rinse out. 
Washing; Done. 
So once you've towel dried your hair, comb through with a wide toothed comb (much better for your hair as it doesn't pull on it like regular combs)
I personally try to stay away from heat (as far as hair dryers are concerned) .. If I'm in a rush and need to blow dry my hair I pop a bit of VO5's Miracle Concentrate through the ends, spritz a bit of all important heat protection in and off I go. 

If I'm in no hurry, I'll still put the Miracle Concentrate in,cause it seems to make my hair dry straighter..which is always a plus (and it smells amazing!!) 
As for straightening, I try to avoid it if I can.. Again if I'm going out, spritz some heat protection in, run the straighteners through and done.
Would it be weird If I said I sometimes put more 'product' in? Ahaa,well if it's feeling on the dry side I'll pop a bit more of the VO5 M.C in or BED HEAD After Party through the ends to just soften them up.

Okay, I think I rambled a lot there and dunno If I made much sense and the layout is probably all over the shop but I'll soon learn I'm sure!

  • Wash hair every other day (Using a decent shampoo and conditioner)
  • Try to avoid using heat tools (Hair dryer, straighteners, curling irons)
  • Dry shampoo+ Heat protection should be your best friends to be honest! 
  • And a little oil won't do any harm (Just make sure to avoid your roots when using it!)
There we have it, my first proper post :) 
Hope it helps,and if you have any tips and tricks let me know!

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