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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stubborn mascara..

This is just gunna be a quickie..
I don't know about you but I've lost count the amount of products that I've been told about that get rid of stubborn ol' waterproof mascara.
From Clinique+ Estee Lauder to No7+ Virgin Vie. 
I admit,i opted for the cheaper ones..
I got given a sample size bottle of No7's make up remover thankfully cause I mean It's still £8 ish a bottle.. (near enough the same as Virgin Vie) And I can say they are both very good and actually work! :) I'm pretty slow but managed to realize the obvious.. they're both oil based so easily removes waterproof mascara. 

I use Max Factor's waterproofs.. and I'll tell you,they don't budge for just anything!
So.. oil gets it off? but I ran out of my Virgin Vie+ No7 :O
But I was walking aimlessly round the 99p shop with my mum and I though,why not just use baby oil? 
And no need to point out the obvious but It worked :)! And at 99p, I couldn't really go wrong, could I?!

Okay,so oil on your lashes/ face is not very nice.. but warm water usually gets rid of that, and it saves rubbing your eyes raw!

Eee,this post was probably pointless .. everyone probably knows this kind of stuff.
But I still see the question asked, 'How do I get waterproof mascara off?' 
It's simple; Just use good ol' cheap baby oil!

Vicki :) x

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  1. Hi thanks for the comment u left of my blog, are u interested in following each other?
    Also I use creme or boylotion sometimes with a tissie or cotton ball or a cotton tip to remove my marcara (after ive washed it) and I think it works pretty good (except for some creme/lotions it doesnt work as good)


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