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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Tag

Our tree :D

1. What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

I've never really known how to answer this question, I just generally like that it makes (most) people happy! + Who doesn't like a few days of relaxation with amazing people and amazing food! 

2. What's your favourite make up look for the festive season?

I don't really have a specific look I would create year to year but this year I'm going for a neutral smokey eye with a red lip ;)

3. Real tree or fake tree?

We've only ever had 'fake' ones over the years, but I do love the look of real ones

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

Giving for sure! This is the second year I've actually been able to have the money to buy for a few people.. but I'm excited more so to see their faces than to see what surprises await me! (Don't get me wrong, I cannot wait to rip open my own presents like a 5 year old! :p )

5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?


6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I only used to give out cards at school, and then they were bought. 

7. What's your favourite Christmas film?

The Santa Clause (With Tim Allen) + Love Actually.

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?

I prefer the food on boxing day, all snacky things.. I'm a sucker for Pringles etc..

Found this tag on this blog - Link

I don't tag anyone specifically.. If you'd like to do this tag then just go for it :)

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  1. I liked testing your answers.happy new year!


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