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Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 Best & Worst Tag;

Even if I am late in saying so, Merry Christmas and Happy new year! My word the last month has just flown by! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and new year..

I stole this tag off Emma - Glossy Boutique ..I didn't want to have to do 3 tag's in a row, but sadly they're the only posts I can get away with lack of pictures! Enjoy :)

1. What was your favourite drug store make up brand of 2012?
I can't say I've really used a substantial amount of one brand.. I tried random bits from a lot of different 'drugstore' brands throughout last year, I can't pick an ultimate fav but the three I was impressed with are; No7, L'OREAL and Natural Collection - All for one product each, but I plan to venture more into those brands a little in 2013 (with the exclusion of L'OREAL as I have a few things from them and am generally very bemused by the brand!)

2. What are your least favourite products of 2012?
MUA - Extreme Felt Liner (Absolute waste of time) Simple - Purifying Cleansing Lotion (Unaffected) I didn't really venture into new things so didn't have many things to dislike. 

3. What is the best make up bargain of 2012?
ELF Mineral Moisturising Lip Tint (Rose) - £3.75 from here

4. Show your best drug store dupe for 2012.
I don't have any dupes for anything to be honest. 

5. Which drug store products did you buy in 2012 that wasn't worth the hype?
I have to agree with Emma, the Collection 2000 (Now Collection) 'really stupid long name' Concealer.. Maybe if they had a shade that matched my skin I may have had more faith but It was the awkward, lightest shade is too light, the medium is too dark so no point going to the other one.. Saying that, it wasn't just the colour option I had a problem with.. Some may like this fact, but I found it too thick! Okay yeah I get black bags under my eyes and the odd spot.. but I feel this concealer just makes me look worse if anything! (Despite the fact I still have it sat in my make up bag.. Maybe it's time to get rid?!)

6. Which product wins your award for best drug store product of 2012?
Without a doubt, Boujois - Healthy Mix foundation! I can't get enough, I haven't even ran out yet but have still bought another bottle! The only disadvantage is the bottle/tube.. it's like the pump action tooth paste you can get and I've now how the problem twice in that It looks like it still has 1/3 of product left but infact that pump bit hasn't actually gone up to the top (there's probably some trapped in there too) But I just love how it makes me look!

I tag everybody! Leave your links as a comment :) 


  1. I like Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation too :)
    Happy New Year!

    1. I used to hate it when I first used it (It broke me out something special :/) But now it's fine.. weird :L
      Happy new year! :) x

  2. Great tag darling. I will have to try that foundation :D Thanks for the recommendation xx


    1. Thanks :) yeah, definitely try it! I already have another bottle for when I run out :) xx


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