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Friday, 18 January 2013

DIY; Used candle - Storage pot

Hi guys,
So this is going to be my first 'DIY' post. It's pretty simple but I thought I'd just share my idea.. Enjoy!

So basically all it is, is turning a boring old used up candle into a pretty storage pot (as you could see from the title *facepalm*).

  • Gather decorative supplies; Scissors, ribbon, glitter, glue etc.
  • Make sure all the max is out of you chosen candle (put boiling water in it to melt the wax, wait for it to cool slightly then simply remove it).  

 I kept mine pretty simple, but you could do what ever you liked.. depending on you taste.. 

What ever you do, just ..

Search for 'pearl cabochon' on Etsy of eBay.

You could go all out a cover the whole thing on sweet wrappers, tickets, ribbons (memorable things) Or keep it simple, like I have.
The jar I have used was just a candle from idea, but you could do this with any old jar.. whether it be from a candle or not!

This is my fished jar, I have two of these currently on display; one with nail files, another with make up brushes.. The list is endless for what you can use them for! But it just adds a bit of personality to your dressing table/ desk

If you do this, please send me the pictures! I love seeing people's creative side!
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