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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Haul - 7.11.12

Hi guys, 

So I finally gave in, a week after having been paid.. but I got a few essentials, few Xmas pressies and some freebies.. not a bad days work! :)

I will add prices upon request as there is a fair few things here.

Bottoms - £5 (each) Tops - £3 (each) + Slippers - £2.50

Again, essentials.. can't have too many sets of PJ's now.. and the slippers.. they were just so       freakin' fluffy! :D Although.. they are a little small.. but for £2.50 I'm just gunna go get another  pair (I had to take the tag off to try them on so can't return them *sad face*)

Eee, how CUTE! :D

Not so essential..

Reduced from £16 to £7..
I'm not sure about how it looks but, I added a little black skater skirt and It didn't look too bad so I think it's a keeper.. (I'm rubbish at returns)

Earrings (Claire's) - £5.50 Fake nails (Sainsbury's) - £7

I also recently made an order on Forever21, If you'd like to see what I got let me know and I'll be happy to take and add some more pics :) 
Vicki :) x


  1. Where did you get the dress that was reduced to £7, its something I love :)


  2. Love all the body shop bits - such a good place for Christmas presents! x

    1. Indeed it is :) although all the smells are so yummy i want copies for myself :p x


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