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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review - Lush Luxury Bath Pud

More of a positive Lush review today, and it's of the luxury bath pud..

Now this little'un was such a lovely scent which not gonna lie.. is kinda why I bought it. It just smelt of lavender and relaxation. So I saved it for a stressful evening, sadly by that point (maybe 2 weeks after I bought it, my mistake) It didn't smell anymore.. alas.. look how pretty is is..

It had lumps of random colour in which were all buttery when I grabbed a floating one out to inspect, the colour was lost amongst the pinky/purple though, but it was a nice touch.

^ The end result, with added bubble bath of course! 
It certainly did help me to relax and actually stay in the bath longer than I normally would.. probably due to the pretty coloured water to be fair! I'm a sucker for a fun coloured/smelling bath.

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